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We changed the way our site looks..

We are happy to write that our new look site has been launched this week. We have had the old site for almost 2 years now.

Times are changing so are the trends in   Web design , as a Web design and development company,we give  much importance to design trends.  This new site is simple and presents all the necessary information needed to the clients /potential clients in an easy and effective way.

Our portfolio page displays some of our recent works in all our key areas of business.

Hope  you will like our site.


Oxley Park Dental Practice website goes live


Milton Keynes Oxley Park Dental Practice Website launched

We are pleased to announce that we have just launched the website of our client based in Milton Keynes.

Check it out at

With this launch we have also made our mark in the area of Dentistry .Its an interesting website with the provision of informative videos .

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W3C Says HTML5 Isn’t Ready for the Web

While companies from Google to Apple to Microsoft voice their ardent support for HTML5 and developers rush to show off the fun tricks it can do, those who actually oversee HTML5 are telling the world to cool their britches.

As an official from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) told reporters today, “There is already a lot of excitement for HTML5, but it’s a little too early to deploy it because we’re running into interoperability issues.” Particularly when it comes to video content, different devices and different browsers aren’t handling HTML5 consistently.

“I don’t think it’s ready for production yet,” the official continued. “The real problem is can we make it work across browsers, and at the moment, that is not the case.”

HTML5, which was hatched by the non-W3C Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group in 2004, should be fully approved within two or three years. Until then, officials say Flash and Silverlight are still going to remain approved and viable web technologies.

Regardless of these issues, however, HTML5 already has an incredible amount of momentum. Not only has the spec received the aforementioned endorsements from big tech companies; its praises are being sung by developers who have used it to create beautiful and innovative web projects, as well.

We’re fairly uncertain that any developers will stop deploying HTML5 websites simply because W3C officials say the specification and APIs are still undergoing changes, and we’re equally certain that the same developers who are using HTML5 now will not be likely to want to develop with Flash/Silverlight or for older browsers such as IE6.

The Current State of Web Design: Trends 2010

Web design is a fickle industry. Just like every other form of artistic expression, Web design has undergone a continuous and surprisingly fast evolution. Once a playground for enthusiasts, it has now become a mature rich medium with strong aesthetic and functional appeal. In fact, we are experiencing what could be the golden era of Web design — or at least the best period thus far. We have powerful new tools at our disposal (CSS3, HTML5, font-embedding, etc.), a plethora of freely available resources, a strong design community and also (if you needed any more!) reliable support of Web standards in the major browsers.

We’re seeing better interaction design and more aesthetically pleasing designs. And we’re seeing more personal, engaging and memorable sites, too. But what exactly is making the difference? What new directions is Web design heading in today? What new techniques, concepts and ideas are becoming important? In this article, we present some observations on the current state of Web design. We describe existing and upcoming trends and explain how Web design might evolve in the coming months and years. We’ll also touch on what we as Web designers should be ready for to keep abreast of new challenges and opportunities.